Theater Volunteer Programs: Summer Jobs For Students

Many of today’s high school and college students are looking for cool things to do over the summer. Perhaps these kids are tired of working in restaurants. They might also be looking for a way to get their foot in the door in the theater industry. This is where theater volunteer programs come into play. Students who are interested in learning more about the theater have the opportunity to volunteer in venues around the country. This can help those students figure out whether a career in theater is something that they want to pursue.Is this new Read the rest of this entry »



Good Date Ideas: Take Your Date To The Theater

Good Date Ideas: Take Your Date To The Theater

Do Something Different On Your Next Date
There comes a point in every relationship where you run out of new ideas to experience. In addition, in order for you to truly impress your date, you will need to generate some creativity in picking an activity to do. However, there is one great idea for all types of couples to try. That is taking your date to the theater for an incredibly memorable experience. Further, the theater is a place of Read the rest of this entry »



Etiquette: The Proper Way To Behave At The Theater

If you are going to the theater for the first time or bringing someone to the theater for the first time, here are a few tips to avoid embarrassing yourself and annoying other audience members.

Everyone needs to turn their cell phone off as having it ring or beep for a text will annoy your neighbors, disrupt their enjoyment of the performance and potentially distract the actors. You do not want to be this person.

Keep quiet Read the rest of this entry »



Popular Theater Productions

Theatrical productions that involve strong female characters, or productions with strong female characters that are also musically driven, show up again and again as some of the most popular with audiences and with the critical community, as well. You may be able to movie renditions of these classics by getting TV service information at

Let’s talk about two of the most popular theater productions of the last century, and see how this theory holds up.

“Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, remains one of the most popular and critically acclaimed theatrical productions in history. The play is generally regarded as Williams’ finest, and its original Broadway production starred young Marlon Brando as the rough-edged Stanley Kowalski, and film and stage actress Jessica Tandy as the leading character, the delicate and damaged Blanche Dubois. This role of Blanche was later played by Vivien Leigh in the film version, and was later taken on, in a memorable performance, by Jessica Lange, on Broadway and later in a television production.

This show combines great writing with roles that have brought out legendary performances from many of the great actresses of our time or any time. It continues to be performed in revivals across the United States, and still offers actresses one of the most challenging roles ever written.

“Funny Girl” was the Broadway hit musical that brought the young Barbra Streisand huge acclaim, as well as Tony Award and later, an Academy Award. This show tells the colorful story of vaudeville and film star Fanny Brice, as she rises from life in the Lower East Side of New York to the heights of stardom in the Zeigfield Follies, to heartbreak as she loses the love of her life, gambler Nick Arnstein, to divorce.

This musical combines an engaging story with great songs, including “Funny Girl,” which Streisand made into her signature song. It remains one of the most popular musicals ever, and the title role is one of the most coveted by singing actresses looking for great parts to perform.

Obviously, great roles for women, great writing, and great music do seem to be the necessary ingredients for popular success on stage. See you at the theater!



Which Metropolitan Areas Has The Best Performing Arts

Any large American city will have its fair share of the Arts, and the people who support and give patronage to the arts, but there is only one city where it is truly an event: New York City.

Think of the performing arts, and one immediately thinks of New York City. After all, it is the home of Broadway, the original location for professional musicals; it is the home Juliet, the famed performing arts school and impetus for Read the rest of this entry »



What Is Proper Theater Attire In The Summer

People who choose to attend live performances at theaters in the summer months will want to dress in clothes made of lightweight fabrics. Even though the buildings that house the theaters are air conditioned, the heavy weight of winter clothes can be uncomfortable to wear for summer events. Men will find the dress styles of cotton slacks appropriate to wear to these semi-formal events. The pants can be topped with a short sleeve dress shirt which can either be a button front style or a pull Read the rest of this entry »



What Are The Perks Of Holding Season Tickets

Sporting events are something that a whole family can enjoy together. They are family friendly and encourage interaction amongst the family members. Not only do the events encourage the members to bond, but it also creates a great evening of suspense and thrill as spectators watch their favorite teams try to win the game. Due to their popularity, tickets for sporting events are sold prior to the beginning of the season even. Sporting events bring in large crowds of fans, Read the rest of this entry »



What Are The Different Types Of Theater

When discussing the different types of theater, you could talk about the structures themselves or the different genres of performances. When it comes to the structures used for theatrical performances, the most common type is the indoor auditorium. This building has a central stage with tiered rows of seats positioned in either a straight line or in a semi-circle. Some of the more elaborate structures will have balcony seats which could also be made as several rows. An outdoor theater Read the rest of this entry »



What Kind Of Theater Is Good For Teenagers

Teenagers today have been raised in a world which places much focus and emphasis on the importance of technology. Because of this mindset, many teenagers have made themselves fully revolved around the electronics that they own. They do not participate in events or activities like the used to decades ago. What is considered fun for these teenagers today is far different than what it used to be. Teenagers have begin losing their appreciation for arts and theater. This, though, is not their fault. It is due to what Read the rest of this entry »